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Yet another decision question !!!

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Hi there,

looking to buy my first major telescope and am suffering a bit from pre-purchase spec overload. My choice has boiled down to either a

Celestron C11-S GT XLT GOTO or a combo of a SW190MN DS-PRO Mak-Newt on a NEQ6 Mount.

the advantages that I see for the Celestron is a whopping 11" light gathering bucket but against it is the higher f/10 focal ratio that will make imaging harder (something that i would like to do when the credit card recovers)

The SW mak newt is a designed with imaging in mind at f/5.3 but with its smaller 7.5" primary mirror will it be as good optically.

Idealy I am looking for a telescope that is both good optically and will also be good for imaging. Am I asking too much of one scope?

They both come in at roughly the same price so what does everyone think.

I'm probably going to Kelling so if anyone is taking these scopes do you think that I could have a gander through them :)(well if you don't ask - you dont get)

thanks for any info


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I use a C-11 at work, and I can highly recommend it. Mine is the CGEM-1100 model, equitorial GoTo mount on a 2.5" steel tripod. With the scope at f/10 it does a wonderful job, drop it to f/6.3 with the reducer/corrector for about $150 (USD). Celestron also makes the EDGE-HD model which has a coma corrector/field flattener built in for better photographic images.

If you really want photographic fun though, do as we did and get the hyperstar kit This will allow you to photograph at a fantastic f/1.8!!! With 11" of aperture and F/1.8, you can do wonders - even in a light polluted environment.

We can take deep sky photos easily from the local football pitch behind the high school. Nothing else on the market like it.


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The SW MN190 is a fantastic scope for the price. Optically it gives stunning coma free views right across the field of view with a high degree of contrast. Visually it has often been compared to a 6 inch Apo retractor at about a third or a quarter of the price. Unlike most reflectors, you can really crank up the magnification when viewing the planets with this scope.

It is also a purpose built astrograph and the flat field images I get from mine are great.

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Many thanks for the feedback. I think I am erring on the side of the MN190 at the moment. Just trying to find someone with one locally (and a clear night) to see if i can take a look through one before buying.

Cheers John

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