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Focuser may not be square in the tube - How can I test it?


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After a few images, it appears that I have a problem somewhere with my set up. The thread is here showing the image.

So, is there a way to test that my focuser is square in the tubing assembly?

My scope, as per my siggy is a SW 120ED and I am using a DSLR.

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Why split the thread and potential answers?

Because not everyone who may know the answer to this may lurk in the imaging thread - Well that was my reasoning, to increase the audience so to speak.

Sorry if it's not appropriate etiquette, but I am just so cheesed off with these issues. I just want to take a pic that has got round stars!!

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If you have been arbitrarily tweaking the screws under the focuser then theres a chance it's out of kilter....

Try and establish is there is any movement in the focuser tube the weight of the camera may be causing some "droop" ...

You can also try rotating the camera and taking a series of images to see how the problem "moves" between shots...

The ideal tool is the free 30 day trial of CCD Inspector... as your trying to establish whats causing the problems in your images...


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I think that perhaps the focuser may be the issue, as I did have to toghten it a couple of times as it was struggling to hold the weight of my 5D2. Now I have the 1000D, which is considerably lighter, I hope that will no longer be a problem. However I do need to resolve this.

I do like the idea of moving the camera around. If I do that and the stars are still elongated in the same place in the image, then at least I've eliminated the DSLR!!

I have no laser to collimate, and unfortunately, living out here in Spain I don't know anyone with a similar hobby! I will have a look at CCD Inspector to see what comes up.

Thanks for looking and for your comments folks.

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