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Finding the planets

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Hi Guys i am trying to find the planets! Nothing in particular just trying to find my way around.

Best info I can give you is Orion is at the rear of my House. Pretty sure of that. My garden is directly South Facing.

Any ideas on how I can find the planets as I have a Star chart but it has no planets on it.


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Almost all Astro-mags have a monthly chart showing where they are hiding for that month. As they roam about they can't be shown on the charts that you are supposed to keep.

Mostly they are bright things that go in an arc where the sun and moon hang about (the ecliptic).

I'm sure that planetarium software will show them, even Stellarium (which is free).


Captain Chaos

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Thanks I will have a look at Stellarium



Hi. Dapper,

If you are keen to see Saturn, :saturn: I reckon it will be directly due South of you at 2-30 in the morning. It is about 7degrees Higher than Betelgeuze in Orion to use as a yardstick. It will be a creamy white and fairly bright to the naked eye. Unmissable really. Depends on the weather, and your desire.

Good Luck


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