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A wise decision.

You'll definitely want a collimator.

As for eyepieces that would depend on your budget. Although I think i would just use the scope for a while.

That way it will take the guess work out of which focal length eyepiece to get first.

I find that in my 10" my 20mm Nagler probably gets the most focuser time but others will probably use something different.

Eyepieces are a personal thing.

Regards Steve

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After much research I opted for a 250PX dob.Hoping to have it delivered tomorrow.

I had considerd up to a 300mm dob but even the 300mm flex tubes and Meade lightbridges are weighty beasts and the LB reviews and comments on another thread all mention that a few more modification are required to get the best from it.

With no requirement to travel with the scope there was no need for the LB's.

In the end the 250PX offered best value for money and will hopefully not need any immediate update requirements.Agree extra money needs spending on the eyepieces.

The additional eyepieces I have been considering are the Baader Hyperion 68 degree 24mm and the Skywatcher PanaView 2" eyepieces 26mm or 32mm for wide field views with a LPR filter attached it will hopefully pick out the "faint fuzzies" more easily.


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If I were you, I'd either buy a good laser collimator (Orion LaserMate Pro Kit unless you want to buy a Howie Glatter from the 'States) or simply buy a good sight tube/Cheshire combination tool (aka collimation eyepiece).

Cheap laser collimators are frustrating (some need collimation themselves and most have a sloppy fit in the focuser) and even when they're perfect the return beam isn't a very good reference for setting the tilt of the primary (there are other gizmos to cure that ill, like the Howie Glatter TuBLUG which can be used with any laser collimator or dedicated barlow attachments for some other laser collimators. The Orion LaserMate Pro kit fixes this by providing a good Cheshire.)

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