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If I am this bad choosing bins.....

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... you guys are going to be really fed up by the time I am ready to start choosing telescopes.

Anyway, the last of options and then a purchase (I promise), what do you think?

Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binocular @£64.99

Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 Binocular @79.99

Revelation Premium 20x80 Binocular @£84.99

I have accepted that each of these choices will need a tripod, so I think it basically comes down to a decision about aperture or magnification (or another aspect I haven't considered), I would value your views.

Kind thanks


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just to throw a spanner in the works, I have a pair of Revelation 15x70s binos which are the Celestron re-badged. So weather is the Celestron or Revelation flavour I would go for the 15x70s

IMO binos are designed for pick up and go - used mainly for star hoping and learning whats out there. I am more then happy with the views I get from mine

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I would exclude the 25x70. Why? Binos excel at widefield and 25x will make you loose a bit of FoV compared to the 15x70s. Incresing the magnification while maintaining the 70mm aperture will dim the already faint DSOs (by nearly half).

Between the 15x70 and 20x80 I would get the 20x80 if the plan was to use this as the primary (or only) equipment.

If you want to take them through airline check ins and use them as a 2nd option for quick sessions (when you go out with the family, etc) then get the 15x70s. (That's what I did.)

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