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Yet another M42


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Somehow missed this one when i pulled the images off the camera a couple of nights ago.


Taken with the canon 30 seconds @ISO 800.

Focus still needs a bit of work but I'm fairly happy with this one. :D


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Nice image Andy , you have it all there , so exposure is fine , now are the oblong stars due to the wind , or is it the polar align ment just a tad out , i would leave things as they are , then try again when its very still , no wind , if that proves not to be the case , then a finer polar alignment should sort that out, when u get it right mark the ground , saves so much time .



exxcellent image though

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

I think its a combination of focus being slightly out and polar alignment not accurate.

I'll have a go at making a Hartman mask for focussing then sort out the alignment - have to admit I've only ever taken the scope out then just set it down roughly in line with Polaris. Note to myself - must do better Andy :nono: :D

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Dont worry about the hartmann mask. The star on the bottom left shows nice diffraction spikes caused by the spider vanes. Pop your camera on the back. Point the scope at Betelguese or Rigel - (because they are nice and bright and Close by). Experiment with exposure time to see what length you need to get nice clear spikes. Adjust focus until these spikes are nice and sharp. Lock the focuser, (if you can - not essential but handy for sure) and point the scope back at M42.

A great way to do it without the effort of making a hartman mask.


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