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Got My New Kit!!!!!


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As my first posting said, I'd decided on a Skywatcher 200PDS but as I found out, there were non in the country (or Europe!).

Unfortunately being impatient, time on my hand(s) and tending to off-the-wall sort of thinking I started doing some equipment trawling. I found the site (via e-bay) for Teleskop Services and found they stocked more than e-bay specials. Looking through their stock I found the GSO range of reflectors. Having akready aqquired a set of GSO Super Ploslls and being mighty impressed by their build quality I looked at the specs very closely. Cutting a long story short I ended up ordering a GSO 200/1000 reflector (same size as the 200 PDS) and matched it for a very good price with a Celestion CG-5 mount from the same source. Ordeered Tuesday it all arrived Friday for a delivery charrge of E21, excellent I thought.

Scope looks very presentable wth a two-speed Crayford style focusser, mirror cooling fan, 8x50 spotter scope, 25mm Super Plosll eyepiece and a 2inch 35mm extension tube. First quick glance suggests collimation is pretty well on.

Mount looks very solid with 2inch legs though needs some 'tuning' which will come.

Al I need now is some time and clear skies.

Kit so far to go with above: GSO Superplosll eyepieces, 9mm 15mm 20mm 25mm and 32mm, x2 Barlow, Red Dot Finder, dual-axis motor set and A SP880 CAMERA.

Here's to my First Light :glasses1:

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Congratulations on the score! Sounds like great gear. We look forward to pictures of the gear and a first light report.

Certainly looking forward to getting this set up. Unfortunately my broken arm stops me putting the kit together (jeez this stuff is heavy!) so no photos yet. All I can do is gaze at it in it's boxes, though it does look good. Tube is white with a black Guang Sheng logo and that Crayford certainly looks the biz :rolleyes:

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