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Secondry mirror reflection?

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Just a quick question, i took my new explore outside and looked at distant trees(was lining up my viewfinder) and i used 25mm lens in the scope focused on the trees, but i saw a faint blur in the middle of the image not bad, but i just wonderd if that is normal? is it the secondry,spider,?:glasses1:

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With larger EPs you can get secondary shadow, especially during day light. I wouldn't think that it will be any problem at night. Best to try it on Andromeda Galaxy, any shadow problem will be at its worst then, due to the enormity of the thing heading towards us at astounding velocity.

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As Yeti says, you're seeing the central obstruction. However, it's not at all true that the velocity and size of the Andromeda Galaxy will make it a good target for assessing the problem at night. That doesn't make any sense. :glasses1:

You'll notice the obstruction more when looking at large bright objects such the moon or daylight objects. When you're in focus it will be much less visible or invisible. It will almost certainly be invisible on DSOs and probably also planets.

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Sorry, I meant that Andromeda is a good target for assessing the impact of secondary shadow, as the shadow becomes very obvious against the brightness and size of the Galaxy. My quip about it hurtling towards us, bringing impending doom was more cloud fever than rationality. Either that or the cabin fever, or even a combination of the two....

I'll get me coat!

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