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Great skies to city centre skies


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Well after 4 years of living abroad it looks like I'm forced to move back to Edinburgh. Actually really looking forward to this except for one thing - I have great skies where I am right now and in Edinburgh it aint gonna be too great for astronomy / astrophotography.

Ok this isn't a life stopper but I dont even have a car to transport my gear to a decent site :glasses1:

Do any of you imagers manage to get decent work done in cities?

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I dont even have a car to transport my gear

Sounds like you may need to bite the bullet & get one. Edinburgh is one of the less car friendly cities but I believe they have pretty good park'n'ride so a car would allow you to live somewhere much more suburban/rural, let alone taking your imaging kit for a drive on frosty clear nights.

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There are a few around here, biggest problem at the minute is the blumming cloud.

Catch up with these guys at http://scottishastronomers.com/forum/index.php they seem a nice bunch, just haven't had the chance to see them face to face yet....

The guys meet up as and when the cloud allows and there are a couple of dark sky sites nearby.

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