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Skywatcher LET eyepiece deal, any good?

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The eyepieces in that set are not great - little or no better than the standard ones in my opinion.

Try the TMB Planetary clones for a low cost improvement.

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Hi Trident

I hope to take delivery of my 250PX on Monday.:glasses1:

This does seem like a good deal and the eyepieces will probably be fine with a F10 refractor.

The F5 reflectors require quality eyepieces to get the best from them,I would put a bit of extra money to the £69 and consider something like a Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece at 21mm or 24mm-£94 each.

The other option I am considering are the 2" eyepieces the Skywatcher PanaView 2" eyepieces at 26mm or 32mm seem good value at £79 each.

If budget would allow the Televue Panoptics or Pentax are the way to go.


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have been looking at those, was thinking of trying something from "sky`s the limit"

was struggling with working out a best high power eyepiece for my scope, had been thinking 3.2 or a 6 and use the barlow (although i think it a shame to plan on using the barlow)

any sizes you can recommend?

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I have a similar scope to yours (mine is an Orion Optics 10" F/4.8) and I find 6mm (200x) a very useful high power - often the max that's useful under the typical UK observing conditions. A 5mm will give you 240x but that may not get so many outings as the 6mm will.

The standard supplied barlow is mediocre quality and will degrade the performance of good quality eyepieces I feel.

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Thanks for the infomation Jon, i dont think the budget will go as far as the penetax option at the moment :) i`m still waiting for the "initial purchase" smoke to clear :glasses1:

£69 pounds seemed ok to stock up on some extra bits for now, but i think the money may be best spent on quality rather than quantity.

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the barlow does seem very "economy", was thinking of getting a better barlow at some point...

the 6mm does seem like quite a good size, do you ever use it with the barlow?

I have a 6mm eyepiece which I use with a 1.6x barlow lens to give a 3.75mm - I only use that with my other scopes though - the 320x it delivers in the 10" newtonian is just too much power 99% of the time.

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For high power views with the 250PX, 5mm or 6mm will probably be enough magnification to use as the object would drift out of view fairly quickly.

3mm at x400 would take a fair bit of patience to track,should the seeing be ever that good.:glasses1:

I've looked at the site and I am assuming TMB Planetary II are the ep's you are interested in.

IMHO I dont think there will be much, if any improvement to using the supplied 10mm ep with the x2 barlow.

If you are after a 4-6mm eyepiece they might be worth a try but do also consider a quality plossl or orthoscopic ep,unfortnately they will be at best, double the price.


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your making me consider my options, i think i may try and get a "try before you buy" solution or see if i can use some EP`s through a local society.

The previous scope i was using was the 102-1100 from jessops, the 6mm EP was like looking down a drinking straw and a bit of a put off.

From what little i understand the "exit eye piece" being bigger seems to make for a more comfortable viewing experience, this is one of the things im trying to buy e.g less straw like. (please correct me if this understanding is wrong)

i`ve been down a route of buying kit and being disappointed before with other hobies/sports, i`ll try and be a bit wiser with astronomy

thanks again

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