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First attempt using registax

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Hi All,

I have never used Registax until tonight so go easy on me as I may have over done it a bit!

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FS7 (on a tripod using my 26mm Plossl through a 70mm frac - probably should mention that this is also from inside through a double glazed window!!!)

321 stacked frames in Registax - saved one as .png and the other as .jpg

I welcome feedback - good :glasses1: or bad :)





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Hi Mike,

Yes I created a reference file, set the lowest quality to 90% and it went through the 1700 frames and whittled it down to 321. Played with the wavelet sliders - they are good!

Think i'll have more success when I spend longer on it - this was about 20mins work.

Surprisingly my windows are not actually that clean!


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I found that careful pointer selection, such as on the high-contrast edge of a crater made a huge difference. But I only use it a few times a year so have to re-learn it each time! No bad thing I suppose!!!

A decent way to spend an hour or two when its cloudy.....


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Your windows are cleaner than mine!

Not a bad first effort, mind!

Did you create a reference frame or just stacked?

The Wavelets button to sharpen works wonders....

Registax is brilliant.


Just wait till version 6 is out. I heard multi alignment will go alot easier and faster. Registax 6 will rock.

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