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Has anyone got a decent download site for the above pls?

Also...how do you use it???

I apparently downloaded it today but all I could do was upload a file and nothing else!

When I searched the tutorial online it looked like a completely different program to the one I had.

Any help would be greatfully received.

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I can't seem to get it to work? (this seems to be a common start to most of my threads!). Can someone show me a screenshot of what the main page of avistack should look like please?

All I can do is upload the image or video...I have no idea what to do after that or even how to do it???

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This is the screen when you open Avistack2. The window at the top left has the menus for loading movies / images.

Select the AVI file for processing and then press the Process file button. Until you learn a little more about Avistack accept the default values at each stage. At the end of the processing you can save the image for further wavelet tweaking.


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