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Last night i attempted to take some pics with my camera attatched to my scope via a 2inch adaptor. The scope is a 300 skyliner flextube and the camera is dslr. All i managed to get was out of focus pictures. No Barlow was used. Would i need an extention tube to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance,


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Jon, It might be that you need to get the camera in closer, rather than further out. The 2" adapter may be the cause, I know that on some of the SW newts there's a T thread adapter under the top of the focuser, you could see if it's the same on here. If not, then you could try lowering the secondary and ep section of the flextube down a half inch on the trusses, which will make the scope just that little bit shorter and allow you to bring the camera to focus.

I have no experience of newt's, but have heard that this last will work.

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