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Beginning my 10" build


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Well As I stated in my intro thread , Iam planning on a 10 inch Dob. After much research I have determined it to be a Truss style Dob.

It will made of wood because its cheap and I know how to work with wood...lol Plus having the tools makes for a good marriage.

The style iam gonna use is going to be like this one here.


However there will be changes due to the fact that some of the stuff in this build I have access to is a little better then what the link is currently using. Technology leap since that one was built.

It is going to have a mirror from e-scope. Its 10 inch f5 Odyssey mirror assembly. I know, I know, Make your own!!! Well the truth is I want a working scope before I tackle anything like that.

Ill be ordering the stuff soon enough and Ill post my build of the structure here. For those that would like to build this ILL post demensions of the cuts and what I used. It will be a learning process for me as well.

Have a great day folks

Griz Aka Bob

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