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Hot pixels?

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, apologies if its not.

I was trying to capture some star trails before the cloud put an end to it.

I managed to get one that didn't seem to have too much light pollution. On inspection I noticed that I had a few star trails in the image but also white, red and blue spots of varying sizes.

Am I right in thinking that these are hot pixels?

I have circled a few of the points I am referring to.


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i have these all the time on high ISO or long exposure with my canon 550d, but only, and ONLY in the jpg files, never in the raw. even with the exact same pic (shooting in both jpg and raw at same time), the jpg is full of these all over in the dark areas, but in the raw it's clean. so i've given up using jpg for anything but during daytime. for night pictures and astrofoto, unfortunally jpg is just as useless as 4 square wheels would be on a car...

I guess it's all down to bad raw->jpg converting in the camera (wich isn't news to canon dslr owners anyway)

maybe that's the issue with you also? did you take this as jpg or raw?

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