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I have decided to cure my aperture fever and upgrade my scope. I was originally looking at the Skywatcher Skyliner 10" 250px Dob for £395. Then i saw the 250px Flex Tube for an extra £100 at £499. Decisions decisions. Have also been looking at 250px Flex Tube Auto £659 (top end of budget). Is it worth saying sod it and going for the Auto so as not to have any costly regrets. The one decision i have made is that i would like a Dob. Any help and advice on me spending my cash would be greatly welcome...

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The flex tube auto's are nice cos they track the object and keep it in the ep for a good 25-30mins without nudging. Plus you can move them to your object either with the handset or manually and it will still track. But you will need a shroud with the flextubes.

The supplied ep's will be fine till you can budget for some more. Alternatively the solid tube dob would leave you enough for extra ep's, collimator, and possibly a Wixey. :glasses1:

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