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Calling all astronomers... What's your birthday?


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Hi all

I'm working on a pet theory about astronomers and where their birthdays might fall in the year, and I need your help. I wonder if you could all let me know your birthday. I don't need the year, just the month and the day.

To start the ball rolling... Blackheart: September 18th

I will plot the dates on a highly technical graph and see if any trend emerges. If we get enough dates it might even be statistically significant!



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Keep em coming guys.

This follows on from a previous thread about astrology. It got me wondering if the time of your birthday could affect the things you were interested in. I wondered if it was more likely that someone born in the darker months would be more likely to become interested in astronomy. Astro presents would be more likely to be used, ie... a child in Inverness who gets a scope for their birthday on June 1st isn't going to get much use out of it until September...

Just a thought... so keep em coming!

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