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Full solar disk, Feb 17th - including "Monster Prom"


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WoooooooooooooW x 3

Thats an amazing image, and what a prom. Thats massive. I went to Natural History Museum London and the earth is about as small as one of those sun spots at the top (one of the twins) so you can just imagine (Or not) how big that really is.

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Thanks for all the comments :glasses1:

star_chaser: the Sun does change on quite a short time scale but what you see depends on your image scale. If I did a really close up mosaic consisting of hundreds of frames, the area covered by the start pane and end pane wouldn't correspond to how they looked if they were imaged at the same time. However, the changes are normally quite small and over the course of the mosaic you're capturing an average of activity for the session anyway.

For this mosaic, the image scale isn't that large so the changes appear even smaller. Having said this, I do notice minor differences in the overlap zones sometimes. The mosaic process averages these so they don't look too odd.

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Oh yessss....

I had a look yesterday and today, and was knocked out by the surface activity which is, visually, not the strong point of my LS60 usually. How excellent to see it in such marvellous detail here - and that flying prom... words fail. Thanks for the treat.

17 panes: skill all the way in!


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