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880 flashing issue

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Im on Windows Virtual PC XP

I added the bin file to 8116 folder but when i choose dc interface, nothing popped up.

on macro it says CAMERA NOT CONNECTED but its plugged into usb. I did " add hardware " pointed at 880 inf file nothing working. Also nothing popped up sayin found new hardware but when i plug the camera in the light pops up on camera.

Dunno why it's doinfg this any ideas?

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Does the camera show up in the USB menu of your virtual XP machine?

I just managed to figure it out.

Here's how its done if someone has issue ie not showing up in device manager.

On virtual mode click on USB > ( down arrow ) then click unidenfied device and it will say found new hardware.

lol took me 5 hours trying to figure it out then posted topic then tried again few mins later I got it :glasses1:

Thanks Roger but I beat myself to it :)

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Yep also another question how do i take the round thing off the camera? so I can put the adapter on it?

I got the silver bit off but what about the glass thing with black round thing? I cant seem to put on adapter?


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Yep, I managed to get it off and got the adapter with IV/UF filter in place and a barlow but it doesnt fit with eyepiece, Does that mean I can capture pictures/video without an eyepiece? Or Do I need an eyepiece, I have a plossi 25mm.

I could just teletape around the plossi eyepiece or just buy another eyepiece if there's one available?

Thanks for answering the question, Hopefully I can try to capture the moon tommorow and learn to work out sharpcap.

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You use without the eyepiece. You may not need the barlow depending what you are imaging, especially the moon.

Think of the webcam as an electronic eyepiece, your scope is replacing the webcam lens so you don't need another lens (eyepiece) as well.


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