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Old Friends with a new ccd camera

Darth Takahashi

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This week my new ccd camera turned up and I expected to suffer the normal astronomic curse of bad weather for the next couple of weeks. Well finally I had some good luck and the weather was OK, well transparency was bad but I had a new camera so that wasn't going to stop me. :glasses1:

Attached you can find two images using the ST-10XE with its bigger sensor and improved QE. NGC7635 and B33... I'm especially impressed with the Bubble, when you consider this is only a total exposure of 30mins? The Horse Head Nebulae recieve just 1 hour and the moon was lighting up the sky, literally because of the moisture.:) I actually like the bloomed pixels and didn't bother to remove them this time. Actually this is my first time to use an NABG camera.

It was one of those nights where you would not normally image, wet, wet, wet and I woke up in the morning to mist, anyway I hope you like the images, can't wait for a better night under the stars...



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