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Recommened Filter/s for DSO

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Hi all

I'd really appreciate some advice with regard to filters and DSO astrophotography.

I have just bought a NEQ6 Pro in the hope that I can capture some nice images through my Canon 1000d and Skywatcher 200p. Now, before I start experimenting I'd just basically like some advice as to which type of filters would really help and if you guys with experience also use Barlows?

Any advice or pointers would really be appreciated.


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Not that much room for using a barlow - whilst it will "zoom in" for you by increasing the focal length of your scope, it will also significantly reduce the light gathering capability by doubling your focal ratio. To get the same image from a scope with F/8 (as opposed to the original F/4), you will have to take exposures that are 4 times as long.

Most people use focal reducers (think of it as a barlow with a value of less than 1.0), to reduce exposure time.

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How bad is your light poloution?

If it is not a problem, then there is no need for any filters, unless of course you want to go down the narrow band route. But I would stick to one shot colour to start with.

If you do have bad light poloution then that is a filter you would want to consider. Astronomic's and Baader make some good LP filters.



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Michael's right, stick to one shot colour to begin with and experiment away.

I use an unmodded 1000D and still experimenting and without guiding, exposures have to be around 30 secs.

Light polution is bad where I am, but so far not a problem. Once I get guiding and take longer exposures, it could become a problem so may have to think about filters.

Previous advice suggesting a focal reducer is good and that's going to be my next purchase.

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