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Celestron Advanced Series C8-N - Newtonian Reflector Telescope whats it like

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can anyone let me know what the general opinion is of the, Celestron Advanced Series C8-N - Newtonian Reflector Telescope it comes with a CG-5 Mount . Just seen one on the net for £369.00. I was quoted £499.00 yesterday afternoon for the europa 200 8 inch on the Vixen GPE Mount so basically I am weighing up costs. Without too much bias what would be a better bet for me, I want to do photography, deep space etc. Would welcome some feedback.

I was quite knocked back at the £499 for the europa, first time ive seen it under 500 quid. Thanks all.

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I believe that it's the same optical tube as the Skywatcher 8inch F5 (the Explorer 200) and the CG-5 mount is basically Celestrons version of the EQ5. A number of people on SGL use the Skywatcher branded version and are very pleased with theirs. I suspect the Europa might have slightly better optics but others are better placed to advise on that.

For photography you would need to get motor drives for the mount which are extra - I think they are quite expensive for the Vixen mounts - unless your quote includes them.

Here is the Skywatcher scope at £340 - and you might get an SGL discount as well if you ask !. A dual axis drive set for the EQ5 mount costs £119 from the same supplier.



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LOL I think I have finally made up my mind after chatting on line with a member from this forum, I have decided to get fit and do some power lifting by now going for the Skywatcher and the HEQ mount. So that order will be made with some very welcome discount by being a member of this group (best 15 minutes I have spent in ages) Many thanks indeedto Steve, was really nice to speak to someone impartial. So I will now cease boring you all to death on what to buy as my mind is now made up. Thanks all.

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Steve is a really top bloke to deal with, and I can't recommend him highly enough. He once gave me advice that lost him a sale from an item he knew I was about to purchase from him! That's how honest he is and why I'll definately be buying all my future scopes and accessories from him in the future. His prices are very good and of course he offers 10% discount to SGL members. This ain't a plug for Steve or FLO. It's just the praise he deserves in knowing how to look after his customers 100%. :D

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Im a newbie looking at a Celestron C8-N Newtonian VX GOTO for Astro photography

May I ask who is Steve - could do with a chat and that 10% off :)

Hello and welcome to the forum  :smiley:

Steve is the proprietor of First Light Optics (see top of page for link to their website).

This thread is over 7 years old. I'm afraid the 10% discount scheme has long expired but their latest deals are announced in this thread:


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I am not familiar with the heq5 so I'm sorry but cannot compare the 2.

However I am very pleased with the VX. The alignment is very straightforward and the ASPA is great albeit a bit time consuming. GOTO's are spot on. Best night I had with it I did the alignment and ASPA 3 times to really dial it in and was able to get 190 second subs unguided. 

Easy to setup and if I am imaging from the backyard I can easily grab the whole setup and move it to the garage intact so teardown at home is a breeze.

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