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Dimensions for a pier

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I used a 8" thick walled steel pipe with a top plate drilled and tapped to take the HD wedge for my 12" Lx; I find as the wedge adds height that a pier height of 750mm or so was a good compromise.

Due to relocation I'm back to using a cut-down (200mm from each leg!) HD tripod which is very solid!

Consider the wall height of any observatory and clearance for the roof. ( If you're thinking of putting a pier in the back yard and then lifting/ positioning the scope on the wedge when you want to use it....don't!! Unless you have an extra hefty pair of hands to assist, it is fraught with danger... believe me I know!)

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I wouldn't leave my 12"Lx out in the elements...

I think the heat and cold cycles with moisture outside ( and inside!) the scope as well as the issues with the electronics....put's me off everytime.

What about a trolley dolly set-up; wheel in and out of the garage....

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I will try and contact the makers of the 365 telescope covers and see what they say. I would make it as water tight, Dust tight and air tight as posible,

The makers of these covers say it has a refective layer so that could reduce heat

will report back when I know more


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I talked to Bob Pitney. He is the founder and maker of the Telegizmos covers and he said the cover i asked about(the 365) can do what i ask of it though make sure that it is tied off at the bottom to prevent dew or moisture from rising inside and to check it at least once a week.

this is the best option i have to get ready access to the telescope and to have it permanently equitorially mounted


Merlin66. What danger did you encounter?

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I also have a NEQ6 pro mount....I leave it set up outside ( for spectroscopy at night and solar imaging during the day.

It's well covered by an old towel, then an old sheet then finally a Patio chair cover ("breathable weatherproof") with the pull strings pulled pretty tight at the bottom.

99% of the time when I remove the coverings the following day ALL the mount, knobs, counterweights, electronic panel etc is covered with beaded moisture running wet at times...so far touch wood, all I've had to do is wipe down with a dry towel and leave it for a few minutes... seems to still work OK.

My point; if this happens to the mount what would happen to the OTA?? Also on my Lx200 I honestly don't think the electronics are as well protected as those on the NEQ6 - if they blow it's almost impossible today to get replacements (the Classic is no longer supported by Meade)

I just can't take the risk...........

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