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Some Images from Feb 14/15

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A nice clear sky last night but the seeing was deteriorating by the time I had a chance to observe. Took loads of videos which are being processed slowly .... here's a few of the first ones.

Equipment, William Optics FLT 110 fluorite triplet refractor on HEQ5 Pro mount. AE 4x Imagemate, W29 (deep red) filter, Imaging Source DMK41 camera. 1600 frame AVIs shot. Stacked in Avistack v1.81, 25% frame acceptance.

Mare Crisium, 2011 Feb 15, 0111 UT:


Aristarchus, 2011 Feb 15, 0054 UT:


Plato & Alpine Valley, 2011 Feb 15, 0037 UT:


This last one is taken (with different processing) from a mosaic of the north eastern part of the moon:


2011 Feb 15, 0037 -0050 UT. 7 frame mosaic, 33% resize: full size version here.

And there's more to come ...

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Finally, the whole disc mosaic:


2011 Feb 15, 0001-0026 UT. William Optics FLT 110 4.3" fluorite triplet apo refractor, 2x Powermate, W29 (deep red) filter, Imaging Source DMK41 camera: 19 frame mosaic, 23% resize: full size version here.

Apparent diameter 32.47 arc min. Colongitude 51.9 degrees. Illumination 85.2%. Solar inclination 1.3 degrees; libration in latitude +01 deg 42 min; libration in longitude -07 deg 26 min. Altitiude 44.8 degrees.

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