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Petavius and Kies


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As the weather has been so poor, I have been taking the time to go through my sketches and get them scanned in. Here are two sketches from January (which is when it was last clear!) that I have just processed.

These were made on black paper with a white pencil which seems to be quite effective. That being said, I am off to the art shop over the weekend to see if I can get a white propelling pencil to make the finer details easier. I have recently upgraded to a baader binoviewer which is a step up from the WO I had recently. I imagine that this is still a long way from the ~£500 versions though!

Petavius was a stunner, the central peak was casting a shadow over the crater wall that in turn was just catching the last of the sun.

The Kies dome was very subtle but I did notice the ray across the flooded crater.

Clear skies,




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