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synscan eq6 handset question.


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I started "playing" with my brand new eq6 set up. To familialise myself with it, I set up the mount, got myself a 12v rechargable battery from maplins, charged it full and connected it to the mount.

I also connected the syn scan handset and started it. After the initial date/time additions, I escaped the alignment menu and tried to use the direction arrows to control the scope.......really to test it if it works.

I can hear the motors working, but the scope did not move. Being indoors, I wanted to make sure everything is working before I go out on a rare, cold night and struggle.

I tried it with the clutches loose, then tight, and even decided to go in the alignment menu. (I decided I'd do all the alignment again anyway). The motors make a noise, and the handset seems to give the right messages, but the mount does not move.

I am feeling silly here. What am I missing? The OTA is not mounted, but I guessed without the weight, the movement should be better?

Thanks in advance

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It can also drive you nutty when aligning. Every time it does a GOTO to an ailignment star, it resets the rate to 2, and if you are using a Telrad to get close to the alignment, it almost seems like it has stopped moving. I've learnded to set Rate = 9 if I'm far away, or Rate = 6 if close, and, since I use a high power (~333X) reticle eyepiece for final alignment, then I set it to 2.

Straight from a cold start, the tracking rate will be zero and the slew rate I believe will be 1. So, if you are in the dusk before sunset, you might have trouble staying on a bright planet or the moon while awaiting dark. If you use a GOTO even though not aligned, then it will automatically activate the siderial tracking unless you GOTO the moon, then it will automatically enable lunar tracking. After you perform the star alignment, it will then enable siderial tracking. Too clever, methinks.

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