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Scope weight?

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Is there anywhere where I can find the weight of a scope.

It seems strange that when looking at the spec of a mount it says (for example) "Maximum Payload Capacity: 9kg" but then nowhere can I find out how much the other kit (imaging scope, guide scope, guide camera etc) I want to put on it weighs. So how are you meant to know which mount is right for your setup?

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Actually this is complicated. Firstly the real weight will include dovetail plate, rings, finder, guider and cameras. Then it will be affected by where it all sits. Pggybacking hangs the guidescope off the top of the main scope so it adds a big moment.

Next complication, the length of the OTA. If it is short the turning moment working against the mount is less, and vice versa. This makes a big difference.

Then manufactuere optimism. EQ5 and 6, very optimistic. Stop at half or at most two thirds the quoted weight. Takahashi quote 15kg for the EM200 and it looks like that is what it will do.

Wind resistance? A big OTA cops the wind, a little refractor doesn't to the same extent.

Lastly focal length. Short FLs are tolerant of tracking errors however introduced, long are intolerant.

Your best bet is to propose a setup on here and ask, Will this work? Someone is sure to have tried it! But you always want more mount than telescope: that will never change, like having more handling than power on a motorbike!


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