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OK... quick update, found this...

"But here's what the codecs mean:

I420 or IYUV uses 12 bits per pixel with 8 bits brightness and the rest for colour.

YUY2 uses 16bits per pixel with 8 bits brightness and the rest for colour."

Also found this interesting article (need more time to read it though, just skimmed it) http://www.astronomycameras.com/en/assets/200712_AstroPhoto_Insight.pdf within the test is this... "

There are three formats possible: I420,

IYUV, and YUY2. The first two are the same format according

to FourCC.org but YUY2 is a higher bit-depth

format and takes up more file space"



EDIT: Spaceboy, spotted those earlier this evening, excelent pics, if I get the urge to try again I will certainly be using them!

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All looks complicated, i dont do electrics..lol, but reading the link you gave to wcrmac, it doesnt have to be a modded webcam, mine spc880 or 800 flashed to 900, i assume as most, with no SC mods, could be set to RAW, by following the instructions for a colour ccd chip...or i assume so, or have i misunderstood...time to get my son involved being younger he may understand more than me.

I420 & YUY2 are codec, the later being the newest, yet to discover if the codec YUY2 (RAW) will work with AVI.

As you say it can take over, do you knwo anything about eyepieces...have asked a couple of q's but little or no reply.?


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Regards eyepieces, only what I've read here... this therad in particular http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/80772-eyepieces-very-least-you-need.html By nature I'm very tight, and until recently have only used the bog standard SW eyepieces that came with the scope(s), but have just taken a leap and bought an 8mm and 18mm BST Explorer eyepieces from Skys the Limit, and they certainly are a step up from what I'm used to. Probably not a patch on the big names, but for £40 each, I'm happy!

Right, signing off for now, early start in the morning,



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