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Zerochromat - vapourware??

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I've looked at this scope but there is one item on the spec list that I am not sure of: - web address here -  http://www.zerochromat.net/buying-a-zerochromat-apochromatic-refractor.html


What does this part of the spec mean & does it restrict what eyepieces you could use?

As for the £3600 with a £600 increase in a few days this scope could be a good investment.

My Lyra scope has gone up £65 on new price since I bought it, appreciating telescope equipment is a bonus, most of it loses money even bought secondhand.

Clear skies,


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A 0.75° image circle is certainly not due to the long focal length. A 2" EP with 46mm field stop be able to get slightly over 1°. It could be that the correction falls off outside the stated 0.75°.

I am also a bit surprised at the magnesium fluoride coating of the objective lens. Not multicoated, apparently. They claim this is for durability, but I have a feeling it is more about cost. Could be wrong of course.

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Thought that it was about time that I threw in my two penn'orth.

Collimation is far, far simpler than a Newtonian. You can see what is happening while you twiddle the knobs at the rear of the instrument. Everything else is fixed. Only takes a few seconds to get right.

Until you have tried one, you cannot appreciate how well it performs. There are only a few out there at the moment, but there is a growing band of owners. I have not had one spare to send for review, but will have Springtime next year. Patience is a virtue, and I should know as it has taken years (and shedloads of money) to develop this instrument to its current state.

It has been at a low price in order to get it started, with very little profit, if any. The increase in 2015 is just to begin to recoup the huge cost of development. It is still an extremely attractive price for an instrument having the performance given in my web site, and demonstrated in Tom Dobbin's testimonial.

As far as optical quality is concerned, I make the objective lenses and fold flats myself. I also have the test equipment to check the precision of these. The corrective lenses are now being made in Germany by a highly respected company, as those from China were much too variable in quality. Also more expensive.

I am happy to answer any serious questions. No trolls, please!

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