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They are all hit and miss. Sometimes alright, sometimes so wrong it's funny. Have a look at Europe SAT24.com, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - Source: SAT24.com it's more often than not spot on.

Failing that - get some seaweed, pinecones, otters intestines and a divining stick. You might make a better go at it than all them lot!

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I use metcheck too but its even more accurate if you predict the weather yourself. I do this by going to the met office satellite image and going back a few hours to track where the cloud has moved. Then you can get a pretty good idea of where its headed for the next few hours. Very effective for timing any approaching weather systems from the atlantic. Or timing when the edge of a system is about to clear from your location.

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I would second Sat.24 as you can at least see what's coming your way in order to try and anticipate what conditions might be like. To be honest I think you can only really plan on the day for later on, anything longer than that, then I think you might be in for some disappointment - sadly.


P.s You could always check to see when there's a full moon, as that is nearly always a clear *%$$@£ night!! :)

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Why not get your own weather station? They are pretty cheap / inexpensive to install and give a good indicator as to what the weather is likely to be doing. There is free supported software to go with them. Check the link in my signature as a example. :)

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