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Devon and Cornwall late april to early may

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Killing many birds with one stone Easter, kids, catching up with friends and stargazing I have decided to hire a camper van and spend a few days touring Devon and Cornwall as well as catching up with some family friends at a camp site when they are down.

This time also is the new moon cycle so keen to find the best Dark site sites to get some viewing in with the family as all keen to see with true dark skies (we live in central London!).

The tricky bit is a have a nine year old with cerebral palsy he can walk but is very unsteady so can't be to adventurous with the location I also have a girl with autism, she is great but would like to ensure she has some entertainment most evenings where possible.

So looking for any locals or people with knowledge of d&c who can recommend camp sites or locations we can park up etc where she can be close to something to do with my wife while ensuring we are at a good location for setting up scope etc. My daughter will want to see stars but will get bored as she struggles to stay focussed.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered


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Have a look at Ruda in Croyde Bay.Its a large commercial site with lots of amienities for the kids but its also right on the coast so you have very a good western horizon.

Ruda Holiday Park, Croyde Bay, Devon - Parkdean

Yes there is local light polloution but its not too bad as you are shielded by the hills around from Barnstaple.Its always a compromise between dark skies and things to do in the evenings.

There is another site we use near Bude which again has not too bad skies but not as many things to do , Bude Meadows

Touring caravan site Cornwall, Widemouth Bay, Bude, Cornwall Campsite Bude Heated Pool.

There will be others :)

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I've stayed at the Widemouth Bay site. It was probably one of the nicer sites I've been to. Reasonable size pitches, pleasant pool, wifi in the bar and by the pool (for a fee); perhaps even to your pitch if you're close enough. I can't recall if it's lit up at night though.

Croyde and Saunton have a good reputation all round and I know a few families who enjoy going there (it's an easy drive for the day from here with an early start), but the whole area (Woolacombe, Barnstaple, Saunton) is fairly commercial and you may not find that much in the way of dark skies.

Other places that might be worth a look are the south Devon coast east of Sidmouth, the north Devon coast around Watermouth Cove (though that may well be fairly quiet in the evenings) and the north Cornwall coast either side of Newquay. We stayed at a site right on the coast just outside Perranporth last autumn that was fairly pleasant.


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