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Now as Christmas is out of the way i have a birthday coming up at the end of Febuary.

I think to do justice to my scopes i need some "Nebula" filters to get the best possible views.

At the moment i have a Celestron Lpr filter and this gives me a better view of the Orion Neb.Is this okay for other nebulas or can you advise on filters that are better suited ???

Many thanks

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I think the Celestron LPR filter is a broadband filter - many people seem to think that narrowband filters are more effective for nebulae - especially planetary nebs. I have tried the Orion Skyglow which is also a broadband filter and found that it made little or no difference in my scopes, under my moderately light polluted skies. The Baader UHC-S which I now use seems to be much more effective - even in small scopes - I have been able to see the Veil and Owl nebulas with it in an 80mm scope - they were invisible when I removed the UHC-S filter. The Baader UHS-C is also reasonably priced at under £50 for the 1.25 inch version.

If you have a scope larger than 4-5 inches you may find an OIII filter effective although they dim the surrounding stars to a much greater extent - hence they are not popular in small scopes.

It's worth remembering that these filters don't make the nebulae any brighter - they just make them stand out a little more by dimming the other stuff - including light pollution.

The general advice seems to be, as Gaz and Steve have said, if you can afford just 1 filter get a narrowband (UHC-S or similar), if you can get another and you have a scope bigger than 4-5 inches, get an OIII and lastly get a broadband if you really want 3.


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