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My First Galaxy


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Third night out with my new toy and camera. Decided I needed a galaxy tonight to cheer me up seeing as the weather has been so miserable and I haven't been able to get out to play much.

Really wanted to do M51, but I didn't have any luck finding it. I know I was looking in the right place, but I just couldn't see.

Anyway, it turned out ok as it was apparently buy-one-get-one-free on galaxies tonight. So here is my very first galaxy image - M81 & M82

20 x 30 secs

10 x darks

My processing skills are a long way behind some people on here, but for my first proper effort with only 10 minutes of light, plus a very bright moon, and being a long way off what I would consider to be a dark night, I'm absolutely over the moon! :)


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Thanks guys, I'm still amazed that it turned out so well last night! Never thought I'd get something that good on my first proper go at imaging. Can't wait for the moon to clear off and to get a really dark night!

Penfold - the camera isn't modded

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Great first try there ;)

Btw: no need for a white tshirt really, just go with the laptop screen using VLB (Virtual lightbox) it did the job well enough for me last night.

Cheers! That mean I can borrow your lappy then? Don't fancy lugging my desktop and monitor out into the garden! :)

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