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NGC896 - Now with colour


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Tonight has been a case of cloud dodging, but it gave me enough OIII subs to finally put some colour into ngc896. The moon didnt make it easy and this nebula doesnt give much away in OIII, but the subs were clean - though i had to do flats to remove evidence of a dust speck on the OIII filter.

This is just a quick stack at the moment, so if the background looks a little dark, its becuase ive done it on the lappy. Hopefully I will have time to stack it on the PC tomorrow, but its looking good already :)

NGC896 Nebula

ED80, Atik314L+, 50mm finderguider

18x600(Ha_L), 7x600(Ha_R) 8x600 (OIII_G&:)

Setpoint -15

Calib: Flats

Guiding hassle: Low to Moderate

Thanks for looking ;)



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Have now managed to do a stack on the PC, this time applying noise reduction for each master frame. Which seems to have taken the rough bits out and brought through some more nebulosity. Still looks like a big fish though :)

Thanks for looking ;)



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Thanks Peter :)

Hmmm, maybe I have been a bit heavy-handed with the NR this time. I can try getting some more Ha to replace the subs that arent really up to snuff (variable sky quality). A couple of hours worth of 15min subs should hopefully do the trick.

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Cheers guys :)


Most of the initial work was done with DeepSkyStacker (free), I then tweaked the individual master frames using Photoshop (paint shop pro will do the same too, but I think that only saves as 8bit tiff files at best).

Being as youre using a DSLR, DSS will serve most of your needs. Ensure that you use calibration frames (darks, bias & flat) with a DSLR, that way you will get the most out of it. If your camera is a Canon, I would strongly advise that you use EOS utils (comes on the camera install disc). EOS Utils will give you complete control of the camera via USB, from there you can set exposure times and sequences, and allow live view to be displayed on your laptop screen - perfect for getting good focus.

You will probably also have some other editing sofware to take care of any post-processing it may need (noise reduction, saturation, etc...).

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It is not with a fish that this nebula is often compared...

Great image but like Peter I prefer less NR. SteveL, I think, once described too much NR as giving the 'vaseline on the lens' look.

Anyway, an impressive close up of this target usually only seen at arm's length.


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Cheers Olly, I will go for more Ha and OII subs then to get the noise down. Saturday looks promising weatherwise, once ive gotten a bit more of that I will turn my attenetions to M42 - a target that until now has defeated me at every attempt.

Its not for lack of signal, its the tricky business of keeping the core while getting as much outer nebulosity as possible.... which means using masks & layers, so it might take some time to process it (never done that before). Having seen Peters AG12 spank M42, im up for having a go now (though at a much slower pace!). :glasses1:

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