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Do remember to remove the dust cap from the 1.25" barrel before observing.

It took me 5 minutes of panic before the penny dropped ;)

Brain was really NOT in gear tonight :)

Funny thing was that I could still see lunar details reasonably well even with it in place (it's sort of translucent) .....

Not recommended as a filter method though !.

Edited by John
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time to lay off the beer perhaps John? :)

I once spent half a night with a moon filter on! (and I wasn't looking at the moon).

sorry guys, yes I have been there as well, unfortunately my most embarrissing one was non astro related, videoed my sisters wedding (that's the geek surfacing) but you know its coming.....wondered why I was'nt getting an image, fiddled about for 10 mins before someone pointed out I should take the lens cap off :)

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