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EQ-5 RA setting circle - can't lock it

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Just spent a few hours fuffing around trying to set up the polar axis, and having followed Astro Baby's tutorial, and as the clouds have cleared took the scope outside to check, only to find that having locked the mount in the position for 22:10 on todays date that the graphics for Ursa Major and Cassiopea were on opposite sides to where they actually appear in the sky :)

My guess is that I've used the wrong set of hour circles on the RA scale... can someone please inform me if I should use the top scale that runs from 0 -1hrs or the bottom scale that runs from 0 +1hrs ??

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Doh... re-read the tutorial, and looked a bit closer at the example... using the top scale I've just managed to polar align the mount (with the graphics in the correct orientation to the constellations. The problem I had was in the video on youtube the guy said about using the clockwise scale, but didn't say if that was from behind or in front of the mount.

I've also checked this against Polar Finder program Astro linked to in her tutorial and it's spot on with where that indicates it should be :)

Shame I have to get up for work in the morning as it's such a nice night I could try out the goto now the mount is set right... ;)

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