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hiyas all


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Hello folks, hope everyone is good, this is my first post so abit about myself, 33 years young, 2 daugthers and a wife who got me a MERCURY-705

70mm (2.75") f/500 REFRACTOR TELESCOPE

a few years ago, now with a buget of 5-7 hundred pounds im after a upgrade, theres so many to look at but no shops that show them, they just say they can order, what im after is good advice on a good scope for deep space viewing and starting into astrophotography.

please help

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Hi Betamax, welcome. I'm using the the same scope as you. Can't offer much advice but I'm sure there's plenty of choice with your budget. I'm sure you'll have plenty of advice soon. Lot's of online retailers of course but it can be difficult to get dimensions and weights. It surprised me how big seemingly modest scopes can be.

Best of luck!

PS AstroBaby has a post somewhere on this forum titled "Have you seen the size of that?" which may be of use to you.

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Hi Betamax, welcome to the Lounge.

Iam a visual only kind of guy, but if you post your question in Beginners help and advice some one with knowledge of the dark side will be able to advise.

Seeing that you are from Nottingham, feel free to pop over to East Midland Stargazers and have a look.

Enjoy your stay.

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Wow thanks for all the welcomes, and thanks Li'l john ill take a looksy, i least i know already my budget gets a cracking scope, its just all the choices it boggles my mind, but i got my eye on the EXPLORER-200P (EQ5) or the EXPLORER-150PL (EQ3-2)

with a pro scan, but not that bothered yet, anyone own one of these or similar ? are they any good to get started with astrophotography ?

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