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Celestron 102 wideview, high power eyepiec

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The eye relief even if you could find such an eyepiece (3mm) would mean it would need to be glued to your eye....

The max IMHO around x150 would better be achieved using a Barlow say a x2.5 with a 7 or 8mm eyepiece.

Good for star testing and tight doubles....but you'll need good seeing conditions!

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I think you might find 125x is as high as you would want to go. The 102 wideview is great for low to medium power viewing (the clue is in the name !) but not a great high power scope because of the chromatic abberation the fast achromat produces (they all do). 200x is nothing more than a theoretical max - not useful in practice.

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Hi Alan,

I to have a 102 Wide view and I have pushed it to its limits and beyond, you might be able to see at 200x or even 250 plus but the clarity drops dramatically.

I agree with Merlin, I have a Revelation 2xED Barlow which dose cut chromatic abbreviation and I would be happy to use a 7 or 8mm eyepiece.


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