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Storing Filters

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What's peoples opinions on storing 1.25" filters in their kit bags/boxes? I'm not talking mega expensive ones, just the usual assortment of moon/colour/reducers.

Do you leave them in their plastic cases or do you take them out the cases and put them directly in the foam?

Is there any danger to the filter if it's in contact with the foam?

Thanks in advance (a space saving freak ...) :)

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Plastic case. Helps keep the dust off. When the foam degrades - and it will - it will stick to surfaces in contact with it. If you really need to save space then get some small clear plastic envelopes of the sort used by coin collectors & stuff the filters into those.

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Can't recall where i read it, but someone used the long box from childrens' watercolors to store their filters in.. what a great idea! :)

That's a great idea, and it got me thinking .....

Watchmakers storage case with 12 containers (188-83)

Worth a try for a fiver, same sort of principal and if the measurements are correct it will sit end on in my flight case perfectly taking up next to no space ;)

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