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Saturn 14.02.2011


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Conditions today (14.02) were quite/very good. There is some storm tail visible on RGB images. IR-RGB doesn't show much as it looks like the storm isn't prominent in IR. I've tried also to get an UV channel at f/10 but it was very dim. The storm seems to be brighter in UV than surrounding parts of the planet. SCT C-11, Basler Ace, Orion Shorty Plus and some filters (UV - Astrodon UVenus, IR - Pro Planet 742).

f/20; RGB, Ir-RGB (light deconvolution), Ir-RGB (strong deconvolution); 00:52 i 00:49 UTC:


f/20; RGB, RGG, IRRG; 01:05 UTC:


f/20; Ir-RGB light deconvolution 00:59 UTC:


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Thanks for the comments. The C11 did work nicely (no thermal issues) and the seeing was very good at around -10 C :) Compared to 13.02 shots I've increased the exposures to get 90-95% histogram fills nearly overexposing channels at ~15 FPS. The result was much better quality after stacking (2500 frames per channel). Even medium histogram fill tends to give grainy Saturn images and this turn out much better than previous shots.

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