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From Saturday... Had another play with the 6"RC

20 Pane mosaic, each pane, 250 of 1000 frames. QHY5v, GSO6RC. Stacked in AVIStack, merged in ICE. 300 frame dark and flat used.


Click for full size

I had a play with also using the Ultima barlow, but the seeing was not up to it.



Plato (this came out better though)


I did try and create a mosaic of the mountains, from Copernicus to Plato, but had some odd behaviour in the exposure... despite leaving it the same value... I've no idea why :)

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Thanks Brian... It was. Not sure how best to clean this, my attempts to date are obviously not working as well as I'd hoped. The camera lives with the nosepiece and UV/IR filter fitted (I took it off once to try some RGB (big mistake), I know we discussed I should replace it with a clear, but not at the moment, also not sure what effect that might have on my guiding.

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The mosaic has come out well, seeing hasnt been good lately at least around here, contary to what i said on johns post i think i can just save a medium res small clavius moretus mosaic. so it was pushable but still dire. But we really do crave those calm nights were better things become possible, as Brian suggested your seeing looked bad too by the looks, in those cases i think a full mosiac looks nicer, so you did the right thing concentrating on that

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Thanks guys.

Neil, it wasn't great... I'd really like a bit of decent calm to really push this scope and see what it's capable of... Not sure I really want to try a mosaic at 3x the focal length, at least not until a crescent phase anyway... but 2x would be good.

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