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Thought i might as well introduce myself.


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Greetings, I’ve made a couple of posts and set up my profile so I thought I would introduce myself here. I’m Paul and have been keen on Astronomy/Cosmology since I was about 8, which is longer ago that I would like to think.

Don’t do any observation anymore even though I have a couple of small telescopes, mainly because in my neck of the woods the street lighting is so bright and there are so many tall trees, but I’m keen to keep abreast of the latest observations and discoveries and with the Internet that’s always available.

I also attend the London Astrofest each year and will be there this year on Sat 10th Feb.

More about me on my MySpace page.


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First time i've been on this forum for quite a few years, but hopefully that will change. Im keen to get involved in in one of the local astronomy clubs/astronomical societies, but im don't have a clue which would be the most suitable to get involved with. I live in the Midlands not too far away from Tamworth and would be interested in any recommendations from people who live nearby.  

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Welcome back Paul - Your first post was 2007.............. it;s been a few years for sure!!! :D

Have a look here and you should find some clubs near by. There's this one for starters ......Hope that helps and hope it won't be another 8 years before we see you again :D :d

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Hi Paul and welcome back after quite a few years away from us, things have changed, I would like to say the British weather has improved in your absence, but afraid it is still in the same old rut. Enjoy the forum :)

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