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Dobsonian Prime Mirror Clean

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Hello, complete novice seeking advice. I purchased a 12" Revelation Dobsonian, when I purchased it in the week the main mirror seemed spotless and bright. I have kept the scope in my conservatory and managed to get it out for an hour last night. Whilst no expert the image seemed clear and bright. On looking into the tube this morning the mirror seemed misted up and dirty (is it because it was misted up). On looking tonight and using a torch it looks very dusty. I'm wondering if it needs a clean, or if this is usual.. Do you think it should have a clean, Im unsure exactly how old the scope is, I was advised it is 2 years old.

If it needs a clean how easy is it to do, from reading reviews i see Bobs Knobs bolts and springs are a good investment too.

What are your thoughts??

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It probably does not need cleaning. The worst thing you can do is shine a torch onto optics - it makes even new ones look awful !. A primary mirror can be really quite dirty without affecting the view.

The Bobs knobs and springs are a good investment but you will need to remove the mirror cell from the scope and separate the 2 parts of the mirror cell to fit the springs. The original ones are a bit weak on the 12" though so upgrading will help hold collimation.

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