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Aynho Open Day


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Hi All,

This really goes out to the East Midlands Group, but also to anyone who is close to me.

I want to arrange an open observing day for my newly formed Astronomy Club (which at the moment has 3 members) to try and encourage new members for the club and to give the locals of my village an introduction to Astronomy.

I have yet to approach the person who runs the site I am thinking of, but I am told she is the sort of person whom loves things like this, and would probably be most enthusiastic about the project.

I was wondering if anyone who is close to me (Aynho Northants, OX17 3AZ) would be interested in coming along with their Star Party set up to provide a much wider spread of equipment and knowledge?

I am thinking of the 26th March 2011, as this is a Saturday and it is a good Moon phase, not too bright but enough to be an object to look at for the night.

I am afraid I can not offer any accommodation, but I am hoping to arrange a camping area on site for any who wish to stay over. I will of course provide a free hearty breakfast in the morning for any who camp.

Please let me know if you would be provisionally interested by dropping me a PM.

Thanks for looking.

Clear skies,


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Hi All,

yes this is still on and it is Saturday April 9th at the Aynho Sports Ground and Pavilion. The start time is 7pm and it will go on until midnight or so. I have to meet with the woman (Kay) who runs the Pavilion at the end of this week, so I will post the fine details then.

Thanks for the offers Mel & Janine. I will post as soon as I know more details.

Just to add. My uncle is coming and bringing some of his toys!

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thats a shame I'm away on the 9th hope the evening goes well and you have lots of interest. keep us posted as I would love to meet up with the group at another date.



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