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Saturn 13th feb


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SPX350 F32, PGRFlea3, Astrodon filters.

Average to above average seeing tonight with a breeze before cloud came. Only got one good rgb set at 1525hrs UT 12.2.11, Brisbane.

Red channel showed storm well, IR did not turn out well enough.

Thanks, John.



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Thanks everyone, the seeing was good for this image but deteriorated to avg. Seeing has been good to vgood with still stars. Not sure if flood has had an affect Brian as I don't really know the area and what seeing to expect here. Breeze comes in from the sea - Moreton Bay wind coming from the East and JetStream has gone!

Hope to get more but rings will close slightly from 10 to 9 degrees but will brighten by 0.2 mag into March reaching 0.4 mag.

Just waiting for 9+/10 seeing.

Thanks again, John.

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