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NGC 2903 L


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After the Deep Sky Stacker thread I reprocessed this image

If fact I redid the calibration frames as the flats were too strong and went back to Maxim to stack the images

Curves and levels with a slight sharpening and an increase in brightness (as for some reason images come out much darker when uploaded to the web on this PC)in PS2 and saved as a jpeg using PS routine

It was taken with the Tak FS102 with a SXV H9 and consists of 33 600s exposures calibrated using darks and correctly calibrated flats

Please I need feedback as to the appearance on the web




Edited by Ibbo !
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Those particular circles look like dust on the filter to me. Could be wrong.

Ibbo, you couldn't have the flats and lights 180* out could you ? Nah don't think so. I come up with all sorts of rubbish at this time of night.


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