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First Saturn


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Hi all, just wanted to share my first Saturn with you....

Literally just saw it in the garden, been tracking on Stellarium for since the start of Jan to see it rise at a sensible time - that and the fact the weather's been rubbish have ment I've missed it.

Thought tonight would be another wash out due to the cloud rolling in after a clear day....but a quick peek saw a break in the sky over MK and one bright star in the sky where I expected it to be and boom there it was. And wow, what a sight.

I've been using a Leicia 77 birding scope with a 60x Occular. It's not the best, but saw Saturn sharply in the scope and clear rings.

What a sight, and right now I'm absolutely buzzing. Watched for about 10 mins then the clouds came in.

Roll on tomorrow!!!

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