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Not a total disaster after all

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Despite the small amount of data, and the lack of flats, and the local light pollution, and leaving the focussing mask on while taking the lights (see http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/129853-if-only-clouds.html) I am not too disappointed with the result. At least I can recognize the two objects I was imaging.

Wonder if I might have over-processed it somewhat resulting in the 'speckled' background. On all my previous posted pics, I have always got rid of the background by using the 'black eye-dropper' quick fix, but by the time I had finished levels-curves-levels-curves-levels-curves-levels-curves, I found that the b.e.d. technique meant I lost M97 completely and most of the outer parts of M108 as well.

Anyway, considering it is 23 x 20-second subs, I think it could have been a lot worse. However, do feel free to tell me everything that is wrong with it (as long as you include how to improve things next time:))

Thanks for looking.

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