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Powertank losing charge fast?

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I was using my new telescope and powertank tonight (for the 3rd time since I got it), and I had only used it for about 20 minutes when the tank died. I recharged it for 15 minutes and it was fine again for another 20 minutes before I stopped for the night. When I first got the tank the test meter said it was in the green, but I charged it for a few hours anyway. Tonight after I charged it for 15 mins it was at the top of the green again. How long should I be charging it for now? I am tempted to leave it on charge all night tonight and most of tomorrow to give it a good charge. Is that the right thing to do? I am confused about how long to charge it and how long it will hold a charge. :)

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Do not discharge it.

They are simple, and not expensive, lead acid batteries and will get damaged in fully discharged.

If you have managed to run it down then this may be the problem.

We tend to stand outside running equipment until it will run no more - as in complete discharge of the powertank. After that damage has occurred and it is basically too late.

When you first had it did you run the equipment until no power left??

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