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bad weather+lots of spare time=observatory

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well the poor weather since Xmas finally made me seriously consider an obsy.i decided on a modest 1.8m x 1.8m roll on/off roof design.

laid a concrete base 2 weeks ago and made the frames last week so no backing out now.

i will post a few pics later,but 1 question has bugging me is "dew" going to that much of a problem,other than when i am observing?

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its finished open for business very pleased with end result thanks to anybody who has offered advice! equipment aside, the biggest step i have taken since getting seriously back into astronomy no

finally decided to fit a pier, having got fed up with tripping over the tripod legs.

i have sinced added "fins" to make the pier more rigid

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You should not have a problem. It will form on the walls and roof but should soon dissapate when those surfaces rise above the dew point again. You will get much more forming with the roof open but again it will dissapate.

I was worried about my own metal shed as being a dew "magnet" but really it isn't, the dew is there but goes eventually. The only "problem" is that I make sure I don't leave any papers or books etc lying around as they can get a bit wavy!

It's all a bit like the condensation on the inside of your house windows - if you leave it alone it evaporates.

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Are you sure 1.80m x 1.80m is enough for a 10" Newt? With the pier in the middle you only have ~90cm on each side. And with an EQ mount it will swing around a bit when you slew...

its worse than that,no pier, its going to be the tripod still :) i will have to see how it goes.

not sure the 10" is going to be the long term scope,realised i cant use it for imaging with my dslr last week,without spending some cash.ed80 or something similar possibly for the future.

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electrics done,lots of coach bolts fitted to the hinges and lock for security.

used it for the first time last week,very awkward with the oo10" but really nice with the ed80 when imaging.

looks like a change of scope might be on the cards again,something a bit shorter!

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Looking good :hello2:


Depends what you buy...

The one I use is probably a bit of overkill but does a brilliant job...


£180 to buy and during the last few "damp" months its been working out about £15-£20 a month to run...


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Yes that's the one I have too. I previously bought a cheaper one from Argos, but after I bought it found out you could not use it below 5 degrees, so couldn't use it most of the time. As it happened it packed up so I got a full refund and bought the £180 one, I have it on continuous drainage. I have been told about £3.50 per week to run, but it's only really only for 6 months of the year, and better than ruining your Astro kit.


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Theres an energy meter on my Obs supply so I know how much it's using... I top up the electric bill with the extra I use out there...

I also have a standalone temperature and humiddity data logger running in there..

I will have to graph up the readings from the night I have had the obs open to show how quickly the unit drops the hummidity in there after the obs is closed up..


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To be fair the last few months the outdoor humidity has been pretty high for long periods of time...

I really should look at combining the data from the Weather station and the logger in the obs...

I think my most expensive day was something like 85p... during the initial drying out phase..

I now have the unit set on low 60% RH which should be the lowest "power" setting for mainting the conditons in the obs... whenthe outside humidity is below 60% RH the power consumption should drop right off as only the fan will be running...

I have another unit which we use in the house.. brilliant for drying washing...and much cheaper to run than the tumble drier...


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its finished :icon_eek:


open for business


very pleased with end result


thanks to anybody who has offered advice!

equipment aside, the biggest step i have taken since getting seriously back into astronomy now the children have grown up.

a 5 hour session last night flew by last night in the relative comfort of the obsy

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